In the MSU Worship Foundations course we dive deep into not only MorningStar Worship, but the foundations and purpose behind why we worship! Offered in this course are lessons currated from MorningStar Worship's deep roots of spontaneous and prophetic worship, music theory and technique and live performance which all will build and strengthen you up as a musician and worshiper. The heart behind this course is that you would grow in your worship as well as your musicality and craftsmanship.

Course Outline

    1. Musician vs. Musical: Understanding the Difference

    2. Band Dynamics: Lesson 1

    3. Band Dynamics: Quiz 1

    1. Live Performance Overview

    2. Live Performance Lesson

    3. Live Performance Quiz 1

    4. Live Performance Quiz 2

    1. Music Theory: naming notes, intervals and scales

    2. Music Theory: Lesson 1

    3. Music Theory: Quiz 1

    1. Worship Leading

    2. Worship Leading: Lesson 1

    1. Prophetic Flow: pushing past the fright

    2. Band Dynamics: Lesson 2

    3. Band Dynamics: Quiz 2

    1. Chord Structures and Voicings

    2. Music Theory: Lesson 2

    3. Music Theory: Quiz 2

About this course

  • $79.00
  • 36 lessons
  • 7.5 hours of video content

Meet Your Instructors

Worship Director David Vallier

David Vallier is a speaker, songwriter, and worship leader based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Currently, David serves as Worship Director at MorningStar Ministries, where he has been featured on numerous projects and albums, such as Wild Love, Sovereign, and Crash This Place. In 2015, his continual search for new creative expressions led to him co-founding Wild Love, a movement dedicated to staying wild. David’s heart is to see people released in their own unique walk with the Father, and to that end, has traveled extensively, bringing spiritual freedom to others through worship and teaching.

Will Price

Will Price is a singer-songwriter from Charlotte, NC. Will has played and traveled extensively with artists such as Suzy Yaraei, Kim Walker-Smith, Misty Edwards, David Vallier, BJ and Lisa Sullivan, and others. Will is currently the band director at MorningStar Ministries and co-directs the MorningStar Worship School.

Nate Yarnes

Nate Yarnes currently resides in Charlotte, NC and is an audio specialist, bass player for MorningStar Worship, and teacher for MSU's School of Worship.

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