Cyber Security Comptia Security+ Preparation Course

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Build your credibility and repertoire of knowledge with everything there is to know about Comptia Security + in this comprehensive course.

If you are interested in a career in cybersecurity, this course should be the first step in your journey. It will prepare you for the CompTIA Security Plus exam, version SIO 601. It will provide you with a solid foundation in the field and give you the tools to understand where cybersecurity applies.

This course draws from Brandon Logan's experience of working in the field of cybersecurity for over 12 years as well as the core objectives for the Security Plus exam. Enroll today.

Course curriculum

    1. Class 1: Social Engineering

    2. Class 2: Social Engineering Cont'd and Types of Walware

    3. Class 3: Types of Malware Cont'd, Password Attacks & Adversarial Artificial Intelligence

    4. Class 4: Common Application Attacks

    5. Class 5: Common Network and Wireless Attacks

    6. Class 6: Network Attacks Continued

    7. Class 7: Network Attacks Continued

    8. Class 8: Network Attacks Cont'd, Actors and Threats

    9. Class 9: Attributes of Actors, Vectors, Threat Intelligence Sources and Research Sources

    10. Class 10: Types of Vulnerabilities

    11. Class 11: Security Assessment Techniques

    12. Class 12: Penetration Testing Techniques

    1. Class 13: Enterprise Security Concepts

    2. Class 14: Enterprise Security Concepts Cont'd, and Virtualization

    3. Class 15: Virtualization and Cloud Concepts

    4. Class 16: Secure Application Development, Deployment, and Automation Concepts

    5. Class 17: Authentication and Authorization Design Concepts

    6. Class 18: Given a Scenario, Implement Cybersecurity Resilience

    7. Class 19: Given a Scenario, Implement Cybersecurity Resilience Cont'd

    8. Class 20: Security Implications of Embedded and Specialized Systems

    9. Class 21: Importance of Physical Security Controls

    1. Class 22: Secure Protocols

    2. Class 23: Host or Application Security Solutions

    3. Class 24: Secure Network Designs

    4. Class 25: Install and Configure Wireless Security Settings

    5. Class 26: Secure Mobile Solutions

    6. Class 27: Cybersecurity Solutions to the Cloud

    7. Class 28: Identity and Account Management Controls

    8. Class 29: Authentication and Authorization Solutions

    9. Class 30: Public Key Infrastructure

    1. Class 31: Organizational Security Assessment Tools

    2. Class 32: Incident Response Policies, Processes, and Procedures

    3. Class 33: Incident Investigation Data Sources

    4. Class 34: Incident Response Mitigation

    5. Class 35: Digital Forensics

    1. Class 36: Types of Cybersecurity Controls

    2. Class 37: Governance, Risk, and Compliance

    3. Class 38: Risk Management Processes & Concepts

About this course

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  • 38 lessons
  • 21.5 hours of video content

Your Instructor:

Cybersecurity Consultant Brandon Logan

Mr. Logan has 17 years of experience in the cybersecurity field. He has served in various roles, including Lead Security Operations Center Analyst and Security Program Steering Committee Member. He has also held various certifications such as Security+, Network+, CISSP, and CCNA Security. Mr. Logan is currently working in the financial sector as an information security consultant for a major financial firm.