Pentecost to the Present:
The Early Prophetic and Spiritual Gifts Movement



If you're looking for a Church history or theology class where we'll teach you a lot of facts and dates, this course is not for you. However, if you are looking for a prophetic history course or a Holy Spirit history course filled with inspirational stories of how God used ordinary men, women and children all through history to do the extraordinary so that you can expect and believe God to do the same through you today, this course is absolutely for you! Church history is one of the most exciting topics that you will ever cover in this course. We're going to cover Pentecost to the Present, beginning with “The Early Prophetic and spiritual Gifts Movement.” Join us today!

Course curriculum

    1. Preparatory Material

    1. Class 1: Introduction to Pentecost to the Present

    2. Quiz for Module 1

    3. Going Deeper Assignment

    1. Class 2: Jesus and the Apostles

    2. Quiz for Module 2

    3. Going Deeper Assignment

    1. Class 3: The Early Church and the Montanists

    2. Quiz for Module 3

    3. Going Deeper Assignment

    1. Class 4: The Monastics and Desert Fathers

    2. Quiz of Class 4

    3. Going Deeper Assignment

    1. Class 5: Miracle-Working Missionary Monks

    2. Quiz for Module 5

    3. Going Deeper Assignment

About this course

  • $63.00
  • 19 lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content


Author, Founder of Global Awakening, and Publications Managing Editor Jeff Oliver

Jeff Oliver is currently Publications Managing Editor for Morningstar. Jeff authored the Pentecost to the Present trilogy on the Holy Spirit’s work in history and is founder and president of Global Wakening, a ministry that is inspiring and equipping a new generation with a supernatural worldview. Jeff and his wife Faith currently live in Fort Mill, South Carolina, where they enjoy traveling, speaking, and spending time with their grandchildren and Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Brodie Star.

Join us to see how God used ordinary men, women and children all throughout history to do the extraordinary.

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